Tutorial Time


So my favourite pair of earrings broke and I really wanted to wear them tonight. So in my typical fashion, if I can’t find what I want, I make it. (Often just in time for when I want to use it.) In  this case I made new earrings from scrap lace laying around the studio and here is how I did it.


Lace Earring Tutorial (pdf version after text)

Materials: Lace, Scissors, Glue, Earring Back (Fishhook)

Options: In this tutorial 2 pieces of lace are layered together for extra bulk, it calls for gluing but fusible webbing or hand sewing with also work, it just gives a different look. Also fishhook earring backs are used but so could posts or hoops. Experiment! Have fun!

Try pre-made lace appliqués for a super quick version. Just add earring backs and go!

The Instructions

1 – Roughly cut out lace motif, you will need three of them.

2 – Glue 2 motifs together back to back.

3 – Trim excess lace.

4 – Add earring back.

5 – Done!


Lace_Earrings_Tutorial.pdf Download this file