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Like some of the tutorials I’ve done but don’t want to dig back in the blog to find them? Well I am currently working on making them available as pdf downloads on my etsy site.

Available so far Doll Dress Tutorial, Lace Earrings Tutorial, Coffee Cup Sleeve Tutorial, Breast Pad Tutorial and Two in One Dress/Skirt Tutorial. More to come as I manage to go through the archives and get blog posts converted to useable pdf documents.

Tutorial Time


So my favourite pair of earrings broke and I really wanted to wear them tonight. So in my typical fashion, if I can’t find what I want, I make it. (Often just in time for when I want to use it.) In  this case I made new earrings from scrap lace laying around the studio and here is how I did it.


Lace Earring Tutorial (pdf version after text)

Materials: Lace, Scissors, Glue, Earring Back (Fishhook)

Options: In this tutorial 2 pieces of lace are layered together for extra bulk, it calls for gluing but fusible webbing or hand sewing with also work, it just gives a different look. Also fishhook earring backs are used but so could posts or hoops. Experiment! Have fun!

Try pre-made lace appliqués for a super quick version. Just add earring backs and go!

The Instructions

1 – Roughly cut out lace motif, you will need three of them.

2 – Glue 2 motifs together back to back.

3 – Trim excess lace.

4 – Add earring back.

5 – Done!


Lace_Earrings_Tutorial.pdf Download this file