Doll Dress Tutorial


It all started with Mina’s favourite fabrics. Mina has a two favourite fabrics; Japanese three little pig fabric (her hoodie) and red and white Ikea hippo fabric (sweet pea dress).

She absolutely loves her hoodie, she plays with it and asks to wear it even indoors. I had a few scraps of fabric left and thought I needed to make something for her with it. So I decided to make her favourite doll Gee a new dress.

The pattern was supper easy to make so I decided to turn it into a tutorial.

The tutorial is for the basic dress with directions for making Gee’s version. Download the pdf for instructions on drafting the pattern and sewing the dress. Lola models the basic version in the Ikea fabric that Mina likes to pull from the closet and carry around the apartment.


DOLL_-_Dress_Tutorial.pdf Download this file