It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini

New Release

Ok may not nessesarily yellow polk-dot but it could be. The Incy Wincy Bikini pattern was release yesterday. Incy Wincy Bikini is a 5 piece set which includes both fitted and gathered triangle string tops, bandeau top and low riding bottoms in regular and sway-back for slightly more coverage. Pick your fabric, pick your style and look great poolside.

At long last I managed to get photos taken, the notes page done and it ready for release. Althought my paterns assume you have sewn before, I did included notes about sewing swimwear covering a bit about fabric, stretch, elastic and equipment. 

Later or The Making of a Bikini


So despite my lack of posting I have been quite busy with projects.

As alluded too in my Coffee Cup Sleeve Tutorial post I have children’s pyjamas in the works. As well there are tights, t-shirts, panties/bloomers and a dress. All are ready or nearly ready for grading. On the adult front I’m working on some dresses (halter dress, sun dress and wrap dress), a halter top and of course I’m still working on the Sunrise hoodie. All the patterns are in various states of drafting and/or correcting. One would think this wouldn’t be the best time to add yet another project but but I really wanted a new bikini…

After not finding what I wanted in stores I decided to make myself a new bikini. I had some great fabric I could use and some not so great fabric I could sample with so I gave it a shot.

First up was the drafting. Although I had a bathing suit block from school it would have to be graded and adjusted before I could use it so I decided it would be easier to start from scratch. Using instructions from Pattern I made patterns for low riding bikini bottoms, bandeau top and two styles of triangle tops (fitted and gathered). After sampling, correcting and sampling I was ready to start the final bikini.

With some careful cutting I was able to easily match the print on the back of the bottoms and bandeau top during construction. Aside from having tension issues on my coverstictch machine and agonizing over the placement of the print it was a relatively quick project over all.

I must admit, this is my favourite bathing suit I own and plan to make more. I also plan on making it my next release! I am aiming for the end of July.