Sweet Pea


When designing the Sweet Pea Dress I wanted to create something that was not only cute now but also when the child got a little bigger. I love sewing for my daughter but am sad when she’s grown out of it in a week.

There are many design details that can be used to create longevity in children’s wear; these are the ones I chose to use. To avoid the dress looking tight I added tucks across the front to give extra room, and raglan sleeves for an easy fit trough the shoulders and arms. I didn’t leave large hems instead I intend the dress to become a top as it gets shorter.

I since I started this dress the wee girl has grown a bit so I thought I’d share how her size 12 month fits then and now along with a look at her Dr. Seuss print size 18 month.

I know the difference isn’t hugely noticeable in the photos but it is there.


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