Next! Getting ready for new samples


On wards and up words I guess. Fabric is on the way for the next round of samples. Once done, the grading can commence.

Since the Monogram Hoddie is done it is time to start my next baby pattern. There are three patterns in the works; leggings, t-shirt (crew neck and cross over shoulder) and fitted pyjamas (top and bottom). Two of the three are unisex so more boy friendly patterns! The shirts are almost done, still need to make adjustments for bands/ribbing and the I still need to make the pattern for the bottoms but I’m getting there.

The Park Top will be released with a v-neck variation and that is up next for sampling. It will likely be the first women’s wear release. Even though this one is supper quick easy to sew I’m am trying to work out the clearest instructions for the v-neck.

I decided to start a new pattern for women. A low cut v-neck wrap dress. After re-making this dress for myself the other day I thought it would be good one to release. It is one of my favourite dresses since it is so easy to wear. The first one I made (from bamboo jersey) I wore all through my pregnancy and after; it still fits too!


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